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Bahamas Ipe Brazilian Decking

Your source for Ipe and Brazilian Decking in the islands


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Ipe, or any of the Brazilian hardwoods are beautiful and last many lifetimes.  Your Island home will be enhanced with an Ipe or Brazilian hard wood deck.  In addition to ipe, we also have Tigerwood, Garapa (Brazilian Oak),  Jatoba (Brazilan Cherry), Cumaru (Brazilian Teak), Massaranduba (Brazilian Redwood), angelim pedra, and more.

Want more reasons for Ipe Decking in the Bahamas?

  • Brazilian Ipe decking provides amazing beauty and durability on your dock, deck or porch.

  • Brazilian hardwood Ipe decking naturally resists rot, insects, and decay for decades. Brazilian hardwood decking naturally weathers to silver gray. If you want to maintain the original color use a quality finisher with UV inhibitors.

  • Brazilian Ipe decking is sold in even lengths (up to 20), widths, and thicknesses to allow large design flexibility.

  • You can use either conventional and tongue and groove profiles to meet your personal or professional needs.

  • Ipe hard wood handrails, dimensional lumber and black iron Fortress railing products are also available.

  • Several hidden fastening systems are also available to meet your design needs.

  • We carry color face screws which will enhance the visual impact of your Ipe hardwood deck.

  • Brazilian and Ipe Wood Decking provide for lasting results without the use of dangerous chemicals or plastic composites.

Ipe Decking Bahamas

Still undecided?   Thinking about composites?   Still have questions?  Here are some answers. Composites are plastics and are not the best for the environment.   Remember, plastics never decompose in a landfill.  The islands have little room and too much waste today. Long term, composites will add to this problem.   Ipe trees are grown from the earth and will return to the earth.  Remember, as a tree grows it is pulling CO2 from the environment. We only buy from responsible mills that adhere to the US Lacey act by cutting from sustainable forests.  In addition to ipe coming from sustainable forests, so do our tigerwood, garapa, cumaru.  In fact, all our woods including cedar and cypress or others come from sustainable forests.   There is less than 1% of cedar taken in any one year! 

I also need....

Okay, we are a soft touch.  We have been known to procure many items not in our catalog for our island customers.  We know you do not have a local "big box" or in many cases even a small hardware store.   As such, if you need a special widget say Stainless Steel Joist hangers, SS threaded rod, SS Wedge anchors, or such let us know.  We can have them meet the boat to arrive with your decking.

We supply your needs for Ipe decking or any Brazilian Hardwood, cedar, or cypress.  In addition to ipe, we also have garapa, tigerwood, cumaru, and more.

When you buy from us we will provide the complete deck package including fasteners such as Ipe Clip Extreme, Deck Clips, and Headcote screws.  We also have railing systems both in Ipe and in powder coated iron Fortress Railing systems.

Another product that is becoming very popular is the DeckMaster under deck fastening system.  Show at the left, you can use it for stairs when completing an Ipe Clip system or an entire deck. 

Call Today +1-352-508-4990

We pride ourselves on our product. You can rest assured that your decking will look pristine as the day it left the mills.

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