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We carry all the accessories you need for anything from a small deck to a huge marina.   Just email or call with a list.  Assume we have it or we can get it.  Of course, everything is in stainless steel designed for Marine use.

ipe oil showing can front Ipe Oil is specially formulated for Ipe and other Brazilian hardwood deck finishes.   Two major properties

1) brings out the beautiful color of the wood

2) protects against graying.  All wood grays when exposed to the sun.  Ipe Oil helps shield your deck against the sun's UV rays. 

To make your deck beautiful, use Ipe Oil.

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ipe seal end seal showing examples  

Ipe Seal is a hardwood end seal for all hardwoods. 

When you place hardwood (or any wood) that is cut off outside in the weather it will "check" or crack.  This is normal for wood.  The harder the wood, the more pronounced the cracking.  Ipe Seal minimizes 99% of this problem. 

It comes looking like a thick white paint.  You apply it to the cut ends and allow it to dry.  One coat lasts a lifetime and for Brazilian woods, that is a long time.

One quart covers approximately 500 sq feet or about 130 deck board ends.


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ipe clip extreme three examples The Ipe Clip Extreme Family

The Ipe Clip Extreme are hidden deck fasteners designed with Hurricanes in mind.  They hold better than most if not all other hidden clips.   When you have a class 5 hurricane heading your way you do not want to have to worry about deck board "missiles" flying towards you or your loved ones.  Actually, probably the last thing you are thinking about is a deck.  With these fasteners you will not have to.  Lab test showed they held with over 1000 pounds uplift. 

The Extreme fasteners have 3 preset gaps depending upon your needs.  They have 3/32", 1/4", and 5/32" spacing.   In additon, they come in three colors including the traditional "Ipe Brown," Pantina Grey," and Shadowline Black."

Installation:  The Ipe Clip Extremes are easily installed from the top of the deck.  Just predrill the bottom side of the deck board, slip in the clip, and put in the screw.

Coverage:  A box of 175 clips will cover approximately 100 sq ft (9.2 metres) assuming 16" US standard joist spacing.

In the Box:
(175) IPE CLIP® EXTREME™ Hidden Deck Fasteners
(190) Stainless Steel T10 - Star Drive Screws (305SS)
(12) 3/8" Tapered Ipe plugs
(1) 1/8" High Speed Drill Bit
(1) Screw Gun Driver Bit
(1) Instruction Sheet

Optional 316 Stainless and/or different length screws

ipe clip extreme installation example
Installation Example

starborn proplug front of box Pro Plug Drill Screw and Plug system

The Secret: The first time everything you need to make Perfect Every Time plugs all in one kit. 

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starborn proplug installation example small

deckwise stainless steel screws catelogue Stainless Steel Deck Screws from the WiseGuys at Deckwise

Stainless Steel is the only thing you want to install your deck in the islands.   It is tough enough doing the initial installation.  You want your deck to last decades in the harsh Caribbean environment.  The DeckWise guys have you covered.


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simpson strong tie stainless steel joist hanger for bahamas use Simpson Strong Tie LUS26SS 2x6 Light Double Shear Joist Hanger Stainless Steel

Actually, we have the entire Simpson Catalog but this seems to be a popular item in the Islands.

  • 4-1/4" Minimum Heel Height
  • 18 Gauge
  • 1-9/16"W x 4-3/4"H x 1-3/4"B
  • Use with 10d Fasteners
  • Type 316L stainless steel, provides greater durability against corrosion.


It is usually ordered with Stainless Steel screws

stainless steel fasteners for Caribbean use Various Stainless Steel Fasteners
  • 316 Trubolt Wedge Anchors
  • 316 Screws
  • 316 Nuts and washers
  • 316 Threaded Rod
  • If you need it we can supply it!

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