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Pro Plug by Starborn

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Deck screws, drilling tools, construction fasteners.

The Revolutionary Drill, Screw, and Plug system by Starborn  

Everything you need for drilling, screwing, and plugging all in one system.  This makes screwing and plugging easy and more importantly fast! 

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Plug Tool, Stainless Screws, Plugs, and Glue Cap

Secret: The reason this works so well is the Smart-Bit Pro-Plug drilling tool.  The tool drills the perfect hole to match the plug every time.  In the past, you had to drill your countersink, glue, install plug, chisel of the plug, sand, and so forth.  The Pro Plug eliminates many of these steps.  As long as you drill in the right spot you have a perfect plug every time. 

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Easy Step Process


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