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Ipe Brazilian Hardwood Decking

Why buy Ipe Decking?  Ipe Decks are the most longest lasting and beautiful wood in the world.  We sell so much to the islands and around the south east that we have become one of the biggest retailers of Ipe hardwoods.  We ship to the islands with any of the many local shipping firms.

ipe decking example

You will also hear the term Brazilian Walnut when people discuss Ipe.  This wood is in demand not only in the US but also Asia and Europe.  Asia as an economic dynamo demands and gets the best of everything.  Europe's forests are long depleted.    Everyone wants this decking, but we have it for delivery to you.

In addition to retrofitting existing homes, many builders are using Ipe in new construction.  Homes are becoming smaller this year for the first time since the 1950s.  With smaller indoor space, builders are building more opulent outdoors space. Outdoor kitchens with Ipe are becoming very popular.

ipe bahamas dockWe sell a lot of Ipe for Dock Building in the islands.

Ipe is 3 times harder than Oak.  That is the secret to Ipe's ability to last in the steady sun and island climate.  Even though Brazilian decking is very hard, today's tools are harder.  Any brand name carbide tool can work Ipe.  

Sizes and dimensions:  In addition to decking sizes of 5/4x6 and 1x6 our hardwoods also come in Tongue and Groove, ship lap and other profiles.  We also have larger Ipe beams and timbers or other Brazilian hardwoods.

Why is Ipe Decking better for the Bahamas? We know many of the clever methods to help you get it done faster and right the first time. In this economy, experimentation is not what you want to do. Instead, ask the pros who know.

Accessories: We provide all the accessories you need for a complete ipe deck.  We know you cannot just stop by a "big box" store for the few items you forgot.  We sell the complete deck packages and have been known to pick up the few extra items and make sure they make it on the boat.    We also sell a large variety of 316 and 305 stainless steel fasteners and products.  If you desire a hidden look, we sell Ipe Clip Extreme, Deck Clips, and Deck Master hidden fasteners.

Support: If you have a question, just call.  The warehouse staff is fully trained on all our products.  In addition, they just love to work with Ipe and other hardwoods.

grand cayman ipe dock
Grand Cayman

Ipe Tech Specs: Names Ipe, Brazilian Walnut
Scientific Name: Handroanthus spp.
Distribution: Tropical Americas Brazil also commercially farmed
Tree Size: 100 ft (30 m) tall, 2-3 ft (.6-1.0 m) trunk diameter
Average Dried Weight: 69 lbs/ft3 (1,100 kg/m3)
Janka Hardness: 3,510 lbf (15,620 N)
Modulus of Rupture: 25,660 lbf/in2 (177.0 MPa)
Elastic Modulus: 3,200,000 lbf/in2 (22.07 GPa)
Crushing Strength: 13,600 lbf/in2 (93.8 MPa)
Shrinkage: Radial: 5.9%, Tangential: 7.2%, Volumetric: 12.4%, T/R Ratio: 1.2

Ipe Tech Specs in English
Name: Ipe - IronWood - Brazilian Walnut
Found and Farmed; Brazil
Tree Size: Really Tall
Weight ~2 pound per Linear Foot for 1x6
Hardness ~3x as hard as oak.

Color/Appearance: Primarily medium to dark brown.  The Heartwood can vary from a reddish brown to a dark blackish brown.

Grain/Texture: Has a fine to medium texture. Grain varying from straight to irregular and/or interlocked.  It is very tight grained!

Rot Resistance:  Very resistant to Rot and any insect attack.  You can put Ipe in Water and it will not rot.  However, it will sink so do not let go of it.

ipe deck showing colors
This deck is in Georgia USA but it just really shows the beauty and various colors of Ipe

ipe beams Caribbean

ipe decking enroute to Caribbean

bahamas  ipe decking

Ipe in Special Crating for South America

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